Google Chrome Experiments


As Google continues it’s Chrome Experiments, we’ll now be lucky enough to see them in the flesh with a year-long public exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

The Chrome Web Lab Installations can be interacted with by anyone, anywhere at at the Chrome Web Lab Site. The Lab is made up of 5 Chrome Experiment installations that bring the awesomeness of the internet to life and aims to inspire the world about the possibilities of the web, in the real world.

Users will be able to make music with people across the world, launch information into cyberspace and see where images on the web live, plus watch their portrait being processed, translated, and then drawn in sand by a robot… Love it. Can’t wait to get there and experience it in 2012.

Here are some other brilliant experiments using webGL

Google Chrome Experiments

Sticky thing by Daniel Puhe

Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown music video

See how the world is feeling with Emotiglobe by Makis Tracend


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