Perch turns any surface into an interactive experience. Perch turns any light-colored table surface into a dynamic, hands-on interactive display.

Perch encourages shoppers to touch and pick up products on display, and rewards them for doing so with information, animations and brand-specific media.

Perch is a turnkey retail technology system that includes both a compact digital projection unit and easy to use interactive software. The wall mounted projection unit is available in black, white and silver, and requires only two wall anchors and a single power outlet.

The graphics, photographs and text that surround the products on a Perch display systems table are generated by Perch’s proprietary software. This software recognizes the presence of products placed on the table and is able to detect when shopper’s are interacting with them. The software comes with a library of pre-existing graphics designed specifically for the Perch and that may be used in any combination. Custom graphics and other media can easily be incorporated into the display via a simple uploading process.

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