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A growing trend of smaller networks?

It’s true that consumers want to be able to have more meaningful social media. It seems the relevance and essence of social media is at best lost when posting meaningless images to several hundred unknown Facebook friends. Facebook has become a noisy place with brands and your wider networks interactions congesting the news feed. It seems a shift to more personal smaller closed network of friends for specific events is inevitable and this recent development with Instagram only goes to prove this.

An interesting post via Digital buzz blog.
Well, if I was an investor, owner or employee of SnapChat… Who just rejected $3 Billion in cash from Facebook… I’d probably want to find a deep, dark place to hide right now, because Facebook just put out a new release of Instagram, and yep, it’s pretty much just killed SnapChat, by allowing people to send direct images and videos to your connected friends, via groups or individuals. Well played Facebook, you just saved $3 Billion on a fad. The bigger question – will this impact Facebook negatively?

Read the official launch post here:


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