Grant’s Whisky

The Story Of Grant's Whisky

Project Overview

The story of Grants Whisky

Pitch winning concepts against four other un-named agencies allowed Gyro London to receive it’s first B2C digital client. The concept of “Experience the story” was brought to life though a global website, rich video interviews, events, blogs, competitions and social media. Our primary business objective was to establish Grants as a premium player in the blended whisky market.

Grants is an independently owned distillery which has had an intriguing family story from the beginning. It was this story that became the fabric of the brand and it was this story that became the ignition point from which we could start to engage with our new audience. Firstly “Know your Grants” was a small competition we launched to try and gain traction on social media channels like facebook. Questions were dropped on the Grants facebook wall and the public had to discover facts and secrets that we weaved into the main sites content. Along with videos, blogs, events and competitions the Global site was translated into European languages.

In recent months Grants has taken this concept of story telling and sponsors Piers Morgan’s Life Stories television show. It seems the concept of story telling for this whisky brand creates the perfect platform to have a conversation.