Sony Vaio

The Spirit of Nagano

Project Overview

The Spirit of Nagano

VAIO is not an average laptop. It connects the brain and the heart. Technically, it is thinner, lighter and stronger than any other laptop.
But there is something else about VAIO, something that attracts and makes you want to have one despite the price.
We also wanted to connect the brain and the heart. And the best way to convince our customers is to show them that, at the very beginning when the laptop was made, the whole process was different and exceptional. The roots and the essence of the laptop aretotally unique.
Therefore we can say: It all started in NAGANO.
Let’s discover THE SPIRIT OF NAGANO.

VAIO isn’t just a laptop it’s the result of a series of tests and experiments which have taken place in a small town in Japan called Nagano. VAIO isn’t just a laptop it connects you to the cutting edge of Sony’s technical ability.

The Spirit of Nagano is a concept which aims to bring this story to life by showcasing the experiments in all their glory and for the first time inviting the public to explore the goings on in Nagano. The users of the site are taken on a journey to explore what lies within the The Walls of Nagano. Other thoughts for how the concept could be brought to life include a secretive press pack inviting you to login to witness an experiment though a CCTV style broadcast think Area 51 but Sony Style.