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Experience Us

Transun are independent market leaders in package holiday experiences to Northern Europe. Over the past 10 years they have focussed on selling once in a lifetime experiences to Lapland, Northern Norway, Iceland and the Arctic Circle. Natural phenomena such and the Northern lights have always attracted people to these regions, Transun however have made connections with local people and have nurtured these relationships successfully. By highlighting this insight and celebrating it as a campaign Transun are looking to grow their business into Asia and Eastern Europe.

Experience Us is the campaign headline, it’s the vehicle in which we can introduce the specific experiences and start to engage in an honest and inspiring conversation with consumers. As the campaign deepens we try capture these special moments in time. Meet the Sami Tribe specifically Mikkel a tribal elder who’s just invited you to stay for a warm tea at his house. These priceless experiences are brought to life via destination specific blogs. User generated content forms the backbone of content for each of the destinations. It’s this open approach which will help to secure Transun as a market leader in this niche industry.

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