Zagg Media

Keeping it real

Project Overview

Zagg wanted to create a lively and colourful site with plenty of personality.

Zagg is a strategic digital agency with playful and innovative approach to solving its’ clients business problems. The websites’ main objective is to introduce the Zagg brand, approach and service offering to potential clients. It needs to be professional yet playful. It can experiment and evolve. It should have an opinion and spark debate and conversation.It needs to showcase amazing client results using the latest technology. But it also needs to be human, down to earth and real.

The concept of looking at things with a Zagg angle offers opportunity for the corporate identity to become grounded, to find its feet and develop a base layer of brand fabric we can start from. Looking at things with a different angle isn’t unique, however its application can be. A starting point from which creative ideas can be built on.

Launch Project